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brunei laaa [jun 22nd, 2006 >>4:22pm]

some pages from my journal.

the cover, which i'm actually quite proud of.

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[jun 21st, 2006 >>9:43pm]

[ mood | fidgety ]

because i love rora and vonnie!!

just doodling while voluteering at the art museum:

i always feel weird calling volunteering "work," but i guess that's really what it is. i also don't like to say that it's a job. because in my mind, a job involves one person "working" and making money. money would be the last thing that i would ever make at the art museum. i would cure HIV before i made any money here.

ok, so maybe not really.

x-posted to jr_nal, because i suck like that and all =)

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DOUBLE EXPOSURE OF THE LAKE [jun 21st, 2006 >>12:59pm]

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welcome to ohmypants! [jun 20th, 2006 >>1:07pm]


ohmypants is
members only!!!
please click here to join. BUT REMEMBER THE READ THE RULES FIRST!!!
thank you!!

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